In the Emmitt house parking lot looking at the deterioration of the Greenbaum Building

Photo by Tyrone Hemry May 2010 

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Greenbaum Building looking at back side

Photo by Tyrone Hemry May 2010 

Waverly's first gas station, setting on the old canal bed, in 1921 at corner of Market Street and Emmitt Ave. Now a parking lot.

from Bill Hicks collection via Gary Cooper


A new modern Gulf Super Station will soon be erected on the Greenbaum lot at the corner of Market and Water Street.  The station will be operated by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Douglas who will  soon return to Waverly from Columbus.

110 East Emmitt Building 

Late 1960 the building was used by Waverly Baptist Temple, followed by the Waverly News Watchman, then the unemployment office and now its present use.

photo by Tyrone Hemry27 April 2007

Waverly Inn 18 May 1911 now known as the Grand Tavern.  James Emmitt home was originally on this site.  James Emmitt was Waverly’s first postmaster, with an office in his home.  A leading businessman, he saw canal construction as an economic opportunity.  At first, he turned his home (presently the site of the Grand Tavern) into a boarding house for canal engineers. When the Waverly section was completed in 1832, he purchased canal boats to carry grain, built a large grain mill and whiskey distillery and raised hogs on the grain mash left from the distilling process.  When cholera broke out in 1852, he responded to public outcry over the bad odor by moving the hog farm farther away.  Later he became the first millionaire in Pike County.

Grande Tavern Bar

from Gary Minor collection

Ohio & Erie canal Toll Keepers house and Warehouse at High & Emmitt Street torn down in 1978 and is now the US Bank drive thru. 

Climax Livery Barn early 1900s on Water Street (now Rt. 23) at the present site of David Seif law office (former Waverly Theater). The building belonged to Rosenfield family who ran the Grand Hotel next door and the livery stable was run by Clarence Vallery.  This building, other barns and outbuildings nearby were destroyed by a fire on Oct. 12, 1911. Carriages, buggies, blankets, robes, and harness, in addition to 20 valuable horses, were destroyed with an estimated damages of $10,000 at the time.  The fire was a test of the new Waverly waterworks plant that had just been completed. A pressure of 87 lbs. per sq. inch was registered at the power plant through out the fire.  Mr. Vallery later resumed his business in the brick stables located on Lock Street between Water (RT.23) and Second street.

Information from 26 Aug 1975 The News-Watchman

photo by Tyrone Hemry April 2007

Malt Shoppe and Grill

photo by Tyrone Hemry May 2006

Malt Shoppe and Grill after the fire

photo by Tyrone Hemry 8 April 2008

C & J Electric 305 East Emmitt Avenue.  In the early 1970s this was I believe either a Western Auto Store or  a Montgomery Ward Store

photo by Tyrone Hemry August  2011

photo by Tyrone Hemry 2013

photo by Tyrone Hemry August 31, 2008

Kalfs building April 2012 and to the left is Fran Francis Realtor 200 E. Emmitt Ave.

photo by Tyrone Hemry

 4 October 1928 The Republican Herald

Additional Notes: Mr. Gregg sold out to Mr. Eagon and it became the Eagon Funeral about 1947. The building served as Eagon Funeral Home till about  1956 at which time Eagon went busted, and then sat empty for about a year until Botkin bought the building in 1957. No one knows what happened to the funeral home records of Gregg or Eagon Funeral  Homes. The front of the building was an add on to a hotel that sat at that site.  

" Another modern establishment in the new Water street is the modern funeral home of the McMillan & Gregg Company, located across-the alley from the new theatre.  The building was completed about a month ago and is one of the most beautiful mortuaries in southern Ohio. It is of red pressed brick and with a colonial porch in front, presents a most pleasing  appearance. It was designed by A. M. Kalfs and erected by his construction company.  On the one side of the building is a large chapel where funerals may beheld. It is also used as a casket display room. In the front on the other side, is a reception room where a living room suite  and heavy rugs add to the comfort of visitors. Back of the reception room, is the slumber room. A receiving vault is to the rear of this. In the extreme rear is the embalming room and office. The  embalming room is equipped with all the latest improvements. The floor and sidewalls are of tile.  Two apartments are on the second floor.  Mr. McMilliam and Mr. Gregg take great pride in their work as morticians. In their service, they do personal work which is highly appreciated by their patrons. They have gained a far reaching good  reputation in this profession.  They are also highly efficient as funeral directors. They have on of the most complete equipment's of rolling stocks in this community, including a new Meteor funeral car.  They are always eager to improve their service and spend a great deal of time and money endeavoring to make it a service of personal distinction."

27 Sep. 1928 The Republican Herald

Former Ponderrosa when it was Buffalo Bills

photo by Tyrone Hemry 28 Mar 2011

Waverly Old Ponderosa becoming new Dental office

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Blue Flame 509 East Emmitt Avenue

photo by Tyrone Hemry May 2006

409 East Emmitt Avenue This was the origional the site of Schmitts Dairy and Restaurant. 

When this building was built it served as the unemployment office.

Quiznos has since been replaced by Subway

Waverly, OH--Down East Emmitt Ave. (former name Water Street) 


Plateau ad August 1959 

The back of the menu gives distances from restaurant to (example ) Ashland, KY, Atlanta, GA, Huntington, WV Pittsburg, PA, Etc.  Inside menu is found the history of the restaurant, started in 1951 and completed in 1952. Menu explains the services they offer to help the traveler: laundry facility, axle scales, TV lunge, letter drop, garage, shelter house, propane, auto and truck wash, game room, gas and diesel products, and of course their great food. Such as: Country Dinners, Choice Steaks, Cold Plates, Old Traditional Eggs and Sausage--served with biscuits, biscuits and gravy, Wheeler Plate, Homemade Pies, Beans and Cornbread, Homemade Soups, Apple Dumplings, Meat Loaf, "Mountain Steak" (bologna), Old timers Breakfast, and more.

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201 East Emmitt Avenue

Back in the 1970s this was Bartley's Drug Store.  In the early 1980s there was a robbery in which the robber super glued the hands of those in the store to the counter.  Because of the nature of the crime it made Paul Harvey News.

photo by Tyrone Hemry August 1, 2011

photo by Tyrone Hemry February 2011 

Fran Francis Realtor 200 East Emmitt Avenue

photo by Tyrone Hemry May 2006

Kalf's building as of 27 April 2007

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Business is closed and building for sale

photo by Tyrone Hemry 20 October 2007 

Plateau Truck Stop 2011

The Plateau Restaurant and Truck Stop located just North of Waverly (14133 US Highway 23) on the west side of the road and has been closed for several year. The truck stop was owned by the Gregory Family. In 1988- the restaurant was given an award by "Overdrive Magazine", " Calling them one of the best restaurants and truck stops...nation wide."

photo by Tyrone Hemry