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Southern Ohio Communications Services Inc. - High speed internet service is now available in your area.

Southern Ohio Communications Services Inc.
219 West Emmitt Ave
Waverly, OH 45601
Phone: 740-947-2409
Phone: 800-225-3989
Fax: 740-947-8028
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Web Page: http://www.socswireless.com/
Chamber of Commerce Member
Rotary Member

 SOCS Wireless network is a "fixed wireless" network using the Canopy platform, developed by Motorola, specifically for Wireless Internet Service Providers. In simple terms, we use a series of towers linked by radio signals to provide service to customers.  

Each customer has a radio device that sends data to and from a local tower, which then relays that data to and from a fiber interface. The customer's radio itself is small (approx. 12" x 4" x 2") and is sometimes mounted to a reflector dish to improve reception.

For one, there is no latency, meaning communication with the internet is instant. Another benefit is that since we use towers to broadcast our service to you, we remain below the clouds. Ever notice that satellite internet and TV can be troublesome during heavy cloud cover or storms? With our service there are no such issues.

One of the better benefits of having our service vs. satellite providers such as HughesNet, if you exceed a set amount of download they will slow your connection down to unbearable speeds for about 24 hours during what they call a "recovery" period. Some providers also only give you a small amount of bandwidth usage before you find yourself with overage charges. We do not do this to our customers, and only implement bandwidth usage caps under specific circumstances.

High Speed Broadband Internet, Wireless Phone Service, and SOCSnotify in Pike Co., Adams Co. and Portsmouth.