Pike County, Ohio Airport Was dedicated 19 October 1969

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Pike County Airport is current closed to planes landing and taking off because the runway is being rebuilt.  About 14" of clay has been removed from under the runway and is being replaced with a concrete slurry to be topped off with 4" of asphalt.  Weather permitting it is hoped to reopen in a couple weeks.  This will allow for heaver planes to land.  (May 20, 2015).

Pike County Airport First Day Cover

   Notice the 4 July 1835 date. This is the date  for letters carried by aeronaut Richard Clayton aboard the balloon Star of the West from Cincinnati to Waverly, Ohio, on July 4, 1835. Tom D. Crouch, author of The Eagle Aloft - Two Centuries of the Balloon in America, called this mail "the first ever carried aboard an American balloon." In fact, Professor Wise himself had carried letters on two flights prior to the Jupiter launch. If any of those covers still exist, they would be wonderful to collect.

   For more information on early airmail go to:,+1835&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

    On Friday, October 19, 1969 Ohio Governor James Rhodes flew in  aboard a DC-3 to the newly paved Pike County airport to dedicate the new facility.  The governor was a big advocate that of each of the Ohio counties have an airport and to that end many counties did get there own airport. A constitutional amendment approved by the voters in November 1968 provided for the issuance of $779,000,000 worth of bonds including  $19,000,000 for air ports and state buildings.

    Pike County citizen Gerald Morkassel did a sky diving exhibition for the dedication.  He had learned to fly and to parachute during his days in the military. Gregg Boyer, then a 6 year old boy and now a pilot himself, had just helped Morkassel gather up his streamers and ended up to be in position to be the first one to greet the governor.