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waverlyinfo.net City Guide - History of Omega United Methodist Church


Beginning History Written by Mrs. E. R. Jones:

The Methodist Episcopal Church in Omega (formerly Sharonville) was organized in 1842 by Rev. James Laws. The Church was built in the same year at a cost of $1500.
It was erected on the ground which had formerly belonged to the Wilson Family. The foundation of the Wilson
home was uncovered when the excavating was begun for the church. The trustees were: John Wilson, John Foster, Thomas Day and Richard Ragan. The pastor at that time was Rev. William Morris. Regular services were held every three weeks. The church has stood as a spiritual lighthouse for many years. There have been many changes and improvements made to the church but the main building is still being used.
In those days there were not so many forms of amusement, so the church services were well attended. For that reason the church was large. Too large to heat in the opinion of a later minister, who was instrumental in having a partition put across it. At first the heating was done by means to a large fireplace just back of the pulpit, which has since been covered over. Membership is about 30. Later a chimney was erected near the center and stove set up. Pauline Blazer remembers that up until 1960's there were two stoves, one on each side. Eventually, the stoves were replaced by a fuel oil furnace.
Papers were filed June 21, 1888
, volume 34, Page 235, Lot 3 addition in Sharonville, Pike Co., OH (now Omega) for the lot to be used as a parsonage for Omega and Foster's Chapel. Property was bought from Marcus L. and Kizzie Lynch etal. It was deeded to John W. Corwine etal, Trustees. Amount was $700.
In 1924, A Woman's Society of Christian Service was organized and met the first Wednesday in each month in the homes of the members, Mrs. Ed Franklin was its1st president. For many, many years the ladies served a pancake sausage dinner as well as a chicken and noodle dinner each year. In 2006, Betty Gildow serves as president replacing Mrs. Georgia Scott in 1971. Other officers in 2006 are Betty Scott, Vice President; Mary Breitenbach, secretary; Ann Stanley, Treasurer.
"The church by the side of the road" was re-dedicated at an all-day service on
October 31, 1937 with more than 200 persons attending the event. A basket dinner was enjoyed at the noon hour by members of the congregation and delegations of visitors from Columbus, Washington C. H. and Chillicothe.
Both the morning sermon and the special dedicatory sermon in the afternoon were delivered by District Superintendent Dr. Ira Jones. In the morning service Rev. E. J. William, the pastor, presided and the prayer was given by Rev. A. E. McCullough a former pastor. Special music featured both services, songs being given by the Omega
Those giving talks in the afternoon were Rev. S. C. Elsea, Rev. W. A. Cooper, Mrs. E. R. Jones, Mrs. Cornelius Fillinger, Mrs. L. f. Wills and Mrs. Ira Jones. The dedicatory prayer was given by Rev. J. V. Stone of Waverly.
A special offering for the re-dedicated church was taken in the afternoon and a nice sum of money was obtained. Extensive improvements in the last two years include a new roof and floor, redecoration of the interior and the addition of circular seats. These were bought from the Whister
in Ross County, Ohio. Arrangements for the services were in the hands of Miss. Pauline Blazer and members of her committee. Pastor at this time was Rev. E. J. Williams.
In 1939, the Methodist Episcopal Churches became the
Methodist Church thus Omega became The Omega Methodist Church.
1940, churches on the charge were
Alma, Bishop Hill, Cline's Chapel, Denver, Foster's Chapel, Massieville and Omega.
Trustees in 1942 were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Franklin, Mrs. M. O. Scott and Mrs. E. R. Jones. Churches on the chare: during this year were
Alma, Bishop Hill, Clines Chapel, Denver, Forster's Chapel, Massieville and Omega. The charge was pastured by Deaconess Bertha Riel and Rev. Sara Bowman.
Omega celebrated its Centennial Celebration on
Nov. 1, 1942 . Members and friends present numbered 131. A basket dinner was held. Speaker was district supt. Dr. H. E. Bright. Music was by the Pilgrim Quartet and Blanche and Anna Louise Rapp. Pianist at this time was Max Irwin.
Churches on the Omega charge in 1958 were:
Denver, Cline's Chapel, Alma, Omega and Massieville. Trustees in 1958 were Miss. Pauline Blazer, Mr. C. C. Scott, Mr. D. W. Landrum, Mr. M. O. Scott and Mr. Eugene Scott. Also in 1958, Claude Foster donated Omega an electric organ. It was presented as a 'gift of God'. Mrs. Nancy Scott served as organist.
In 1969, The Methodist Churches combined with the Evangelical United Brethren and became the United Methodist churches. Omega then became The Omega United Methodist Church.
Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of the State of
Ohio on Nov. 13, 1975 . Pauline Blazer was named statutory agent.
Some of the more recent history was added by Pauline 'Sally' Blazer. She died Dec. 1990.
Nov. 7, 1978 , The Omega Methodist Church trustees signed the papers for the sale of the parsonage. In Omega to James Rider in the amount of $11,136.87 after fees were paid. A house had been rented in Omega for use as a parsonage in Sept. 1885 because the parsonage at Massieville was beyond repair.
Aluminum siding was added in 1979, also a new front entrance and cement porch and steps and railing were added. It was during this year, the members and friends of the church joined the Omega CCCU in ringing the church bells daily at
noon to remember the American Hostages in Iran .
In 1980, the hall was redecorated and ceiling lowered plus carpet installed. Sometime before that paneling was added to the interior of the main sanctuary.
Nov. 7, 1982 , our church celebrated its 140th anniversary. Rev. Raymond S. Daniel., Sr. was instrumental in planning this celebration. 109 people were in attendance. A basket dinner was held in the grange hall across the street. The morning message was given by Rev. Richard Jarvis, former minister, district Supt. Carl Robinson gave the message of re-dedication in the afternoon. Singing were Charles Helman, the Daily Family and the Omega Quartet (Mary Breitenbach, Myrna Cryder, Betty Gildow and Ann Stanley.) 140 balloons carrying the message of hope for the future of the church were released in the afternoon.
Churches on the Omega charge at this time were
Alma, Massieville and Omega.
In Dec. 1986, a wheelchair ramp was installed, donated by Jeff & Candy Chattin.
In June 1991, the church pews were padded with donations from the memorial fund.
Oct. 25, 1992 the church celebrate it 150th anniversary with a carry in dinner. Rev. J. Hughes Price was minister at this time. Former pastor, Rev. Raymond Daniel had been asked to bring the message "The Witnessing Church" but on Oct. 15, 1992 Rev. Daniel fell and broke his hip so Rev. Hughes Price and District Supt. Rev. Owen Delp graciously filled "his shoes" for the morning service. A letter from Bishop Judith Craig was read. The act of rededication was given by Rev. Delp and Rev. Price. Pianist was Mrs. Hughes (Rhoda) Price and music by the Omega Quartet, Mary Breitenbach, Myrna Cryder, Betty Gildow and Ann Stanley and the Dailey Family from Chillicothe. The poem "The Omega Methodist Church" was written and read by friend, Mrs. Beatrice Drummond. Senior members were recognized: Mrs. Georgia Scott, Mrs. Jean Schmitt and Mrs. Helen Newton.
Recognition was also given for the 4, 5 and 6th generation now attending. They were Holly and Blair Taylor, 6th generation of the Blazer-Maloy family; Ryan Chattin, 4th generation of the Scott Family and 5th generation of the Landrum family; Lauren and Erica Breitenbach, 5th generation of the Landrum family.
Message in the afternoon was given by Mrs. Esther Frye of Xenia
, Ohio, using her great artistic chalk talent. Very well received. 150 balloons, filled with messages of hope, were released at 2:30 pm . Visiting former pastors were Rev. Gene James and Rev. Mary Barclay.
Trustees at this time were Mrs. C. C. Scott, Mrs. W. E. Schmitt, David Hoselton, Gilbert Breitenbach, Mrs. Dale Taylor, Mrs. Jeff Chattin, Mrs. E. Vincent Scott, Mrs. Robert Stanley and William Gildow. William Gildow was also the Sunday school Supt.
In May 2001, a 4 ton carrier air conditioner was installed at a cost of $3215. Half of this cost was donated by an anonymous donor. In June 2001, Robert ad Stella Pierce of Bristol
Village, donated a Baldwin Organ to the church. Judy Lewis is now our organist in 2006, Betty Gildow at the piano.
In August 2002, new double doors were installed as was a roof over the porch and new railing. The cost $4000.
The Massieville church left the charge in
May 19, 2002 . Due to poor attendance, the church was closed at this time.

Trustees for 2005, 2006, 2007 were: Ann Stanley, Betty Scott, William Gildow, Gilbert Breitenbach, Betty Gildow, Steve Slone, Jean Schmitt, Jackie Taylor and Candy Chattin. Pastor serving 1998 to the early 2008 was Rev. Walter E. Dawson. Current Pastor is Keith Richardson.