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Probably in 1981 when Jim Dixon became the new sheriff.

Sherriff Bakers son killed Waverly News Dec 24, 1908 

20. Thomas J. Jones 1883-1887

29. Benjamin F. Entler 1915-1919

28. Andrew S. Givens 1911-1915

27. Joseph Donovan 1905-1911

26. George W. Baker 1901-1905

​        New Sheriff Assumes His Official Duties    Sheriff George W. Baker assumed his official duties on Monday and is now responsible for the conduct of that office.  He will not do any of the office work  himself, but has employed M. Hutt and Joseph Donavon as deputies and they will do the work while the sheriff draws the salary.  ​January 2, 1902 Waverly News 

40. Richard N. Henderson 2009 – 22 May 2015

35. Robert E. Mercer 1935-1945

36. Jesse H. Foster 1945-1969

 Mazel Ross, Roy's wife

A personal note, having spent my early years in Hillsdale Co. Michigan I do not remember any shoe factory so it was probably gone by the 1940s.

38. James G. Dixon 1981-1989

Waverly in Winter with the Old Jail still standing

 Ramona Bayes Woods picture collection

25. Jesse T. Bateman 1899-1901

       Ex-Sheriff J. F. Bateman left for Columbus on Monday to assume his new duties as comparative clerk in the Ohio Senate.  January 16, 1902

24. Henry C. Barnes 1895-1899

     Sheriff Barnes is taking on flesh very rapidly of late.  Clay will have to take a course of training to reduce his weight if he wants to be init in the race this fall   Sheriff Barnes is taking on flesh very rapidly of late.  Clay will have to take a course of training to reduce his weight if he wants to be init in the race this fall. June 10, 1897 Courier Watchman

23. Micajah Hutt 1893-1895

      Capt Hutt, who has been running the Clerk’s office ever since he vacated the Sheriff’s office nearly two years ago, closed up the principal work of the office, and retired to private life last week.  The Capt. Has made a highly efficient officer and he leaves everything in admirable shape for Clerk McBride’s successor, who will take possession of the office the first week in  August.  Mr. McBride will look after the business of the office until that date.  June 10, 1897 Courier Watchman 

22. John Vallery 1889-1893

      Ex-Sheriff John Vallery was married at 1 o'clock last Sunday Afternoon to Miss Eliza Shy, the estimable daughter of Henry Shy, of Scioto Township.  The Ceremony was performed by Rev. Roberts of the Christian Union Church in the presence of a number of the relatives and a few Special friends of the families.  The bride was the recipient of several Handsome presents of the happy couple in wishing them a joyous and  Prosperous voyage thro' life.  Oct 29, 1896 Waverly Democrat 

21. James R. Watkins 1887-1889

       Sheriff Watkins is recovering from his recent injuries getting out on the streets Monday.

 ​August 31, 1888 Pike County Republican 

        Sheriff Watkins was kicked by a horse while out riding Wednesday evening. He was struck on the head and back and sustained some injuries but which we think are not serious. Dr. Warwick was called and rendered the necessary surgical attention. ​August 24, 1888 Pike County Republican 

41. Charles Reader 22 May 2015 to present

31. Chambers A. McClay 1921-1923

30. John Yahraus 1919-1921

        Sheriff Soon To Move  Sheriff John Yahraus will move into the jail on March 1st. They expect to furnish the most necessary part of the house and leave their present home as nearly as possible as it is now. Ex-Sheriff Entler has purchased a farm at Higby Station and will vacate the jail on March 1st.

February 15, 1919 Waverly Watchman

19. William F. Anderson 1879-1883

18. Phillip Buchert 1875-1879

       Ex-Sheriff Buchert writes us that he is comfortably situated at his new home in Newport, Ky., and has everything as nice as nice as he could wish for; but says that there is no place on earth so dear  to him as his old home were he had lived continuously for more than sixty years.  April 15,1897 Courier Watchman 

​        Death of Mrs. Phillip Buchert     The death of Mrs. Phillip Buchert occurred at her home in Piketon on Saturday after a short illness of pneumonia.  She was the widow of the late Phillip Buchert, an ex-sheriff of this county whose tragic death from hydrophobia occurred during the summer of 1900.  Funeral services were held at the home on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. W. F. Henninger of Waverly officiating, and a large number of relatives and friends including relatives from Cincinnati and Iowa, were present.  Interment in the Mound Cemetery at Piketon.     January 30, 1902    

List of all past Sheriffs in Pike County Ohio from 1815 to present.

41. Charles Reader 22 May 2015 to present

1818 Order to Sheriff to collect Ohio Milita Muster Delinquency Fines in Pike Co., Ohio

Just waiting for Barney to go out and do traffic control

Barney don't forget your bullet

photo by Tyrone Hemry

old jail rear 7 Sep 2009

photo by Tyrone Hemry

old jail showing side view 7 Sep 2009

photo by Tyrone Hemry

The Cincinnati Enquirer Thrus. May 16 1889

Federal Agent Hutchinson, Sheriff Bill Anderson, Deputy Ernest Dowdle on right side, deputy Bill Downing behind still

Old Jail in Waverly taken in the 1950's via Tamra Foster Muir

Sheriff Anderson brings in still with help of Federal Agents

Pike County, Ohio Jail and a list of Pike County Sherrifs

1872-2009 (137 years)

The jail was reduced to a pile of rubble Tuesday September 22, 2009.  The jail was closed in March 2005 after black mold was discovered.

photo by Tyrone Hemry 11 August 2009

Jail use to set to the left of the court house. Court House under repairs in Oct 2009

Photo by Tyrone Hemry

"1844, a brick building was constructed on the site of the present jail, two stories high, containing four rooms The building itself cost some eighteen  hundred dollars and the equipment was poor. The enrollment at that period was 114 pupils." 11 Oct 1923 The Republican Herald

photo by Tyrone Hemry August 2008

photo by Tyrone Hemry August 2008
37. Roy E. Ross 1969-1981
       Leo Foster a resident of Waverly, Ohio was killed in an Air Force C-47 crash in the Italian Alps in 1954.  Leo Foster was the son of  Sheriff Jesse and Blanche Foster, of East 2nd Street in Waverly.        The crash occurred on 24 October 1954.  After a week-long search with nearly 1000 flight hours, the plane was located on 30 October.  A group of 21 Airmen were flying back to Manston Airbase in the UK from an R&R trip to Rome.  The pilot made some major errors in the flight plan, they were flying in a storm and their navigation equipment had failed.  Their flight strayed further north than intended and took them into 10,000 foot mountains without their knowledge.  They struck the top of Mt. Carbone flying at 8500 feet.  All aboard were killed.  Interestingly, another C-47 had crashed only 300 yards from this site seven years earlier in 1947. Information supplied by Bruce Zoitos who is working on a book about the crash.   Wesley Albert Cool died on Thursday, August 2, 1945, at the age of 42 years, 6 months and1 day.  His death occurred very suddenly while driving an automobile in his official duties as Deputy Sheriff, just north of Waverly, Ohio, on U.S. Highway 23, near Alma.  At the time he was returning from Columbus, he was accompanied by his young son.  There was no advance notice or indication of his condition.  So far as was known his health was fairly good, although he had recently been treated for what was though to be minor ailments, and the first indication that anything was strong was when he slumped over the steering wheel and the car ran over an embankment into a fence.  His death was due to heart failure.  He was born on a farm in Pee Pee Township, Pike county, Ohio, in the Peck community and when he was about 10 years of age his family moved to Huntington township, Ross county, where he resided until he grew to manhood.  He was the son of Samuel Albert Cool, a member of a pioneer and prominent Pike county family.    Wesley Cool was the last of four children; the other children being: William and Nellie who died in childhood and Lillian, who died a number of years ago, the latter being a school teacher at the Peck school just preceding her death.    On May 8, 1921, he was united in marriage to Opal Young and to this union were born 2 children, Anna Louise, now employed as clerk to the Pike county health commissioner, and Samuel A., age 11 years, all three of whom survive him.    Mr. Cool has led a useful and respected life, having been for a number of years in the employ of the Pike county highway system, later as a fireman on the B. & O. railroad, and on April 28, 1945, was appointed Deputy Sheriff of this county.  While he had only been Deputy Sheriff for a short time, yet he had won the esteem and admiration of the general public by his courtesy, faithfulness and fidelity to his duties.  On every hand it would be heard that Wes Cool was making an outstanding public officer.    One of his chief virtues was his love and devotion to his wife and children.  He was good husband and a good father.  He was a good citizen and a good neighbor.  Many people mourn his passing.  His pleasant demeanor and affability endeared, him to all who knew him. 16 Aug 1945 The Republican Herald
25 Jan 1926    Sheriff William Anderson has a full house at his hotel - 20 boarders in all.  Prohibition officers have been active in the county and a rich hall has been the result.  Manufacturing of the "mountain dew" in this locality was getting to be dangerous pastime. (25 years ago) 25 Jan 1951 The Republican Herald 
Three Are Charged With Furbishing Liquor To Prisoners In Pike County Jail
    Little Jack White and Arthur Wittkugle of Waverly were arrested Tuesday by Sheriff Ernest Dowdle, Deputy William Anderson and State Prohibition Officer C. A. Lucas, charged with furnishing liquor to prisoners in the Pike County jail by handling it through a broken window.    They were arraigned Wednesday morning before Common Pleas Judge S. D. McLaughlin and both pleaded guilty. White was fined $200 and costs and Wittkugle $300 and cost. They were lodged in the county jail in default payment.Martha Patterson of Waverly was arrested on a similar charge Tuesday and was arraigned Wednesday before Judge William Acord. Her father, Otis Patterson, is now serving out a $300 sentence in the county jail on charge of possession.Richard Weeter of Jasper, who was arrested several days ago on charge of possession, was arraigned before Judge McLaughlin Wednesday morning. He pleaded guilty an was fined $100 and cost which he paid and was released. 1 Mar 1928 The Republican Herald
17. John Daily 1873-1875
16. Daniel L. Sailor 1871-1873
15. James F. Odell 1865-1871
14. Jacob Vallery 1861-1865
    13. Gordon Cochran 1857-1861
12. Jacob Taylor 1853-1857
11. Jacob Vallery 1849-1853

10. James Candy 1847-1849
09. Tibbeny Reid 1843-1847
08. James Moore 1839-1843
07. Ellis Doughty 1833-1839
06. James Moore 1829-1833
05. John Hines 1825-1829
04. Aaron Guthery 1823-1825
(Died in Office)
03. Arthur Chenoweth 1821-1823
02. Daniel Hodge 1819-1821

He was born in 1784 in PA, and died in Wyandot Co. OH in 1831. He was living in Ross Co. OH as early as 1805, where he married Hannah Miller. (note he may have been living in the part that became Pike Co.) We note that he served during the War of 1812 in Capt. John Foster's Company; and that he moved to Wyandot Co. OH in 1821 and died there in 1831.
01. William Collings 1815-1819
Sheriff Robert Edward Mercer and Deputy Samuel D. Hamilton

Stills Destroyed
Sheriff R. E. Mercer and deputy destroyed two stills in raids in the Western part of the county. A one barrel capacity still was destroyed in Belle Hollow neighborhood in Mifflin Township and the other, a four barrel still was destroyed in the Greenbriar Ridge neighborhood in Benton Township officers were enable to locate the owners of the outfits. ( October 3, 1935 Republican Herald

  34. John W. Parker 1931-1935
33. Ernest Dowdle 1927-1931
​ 32. William N. Anderson 1923-1927
39. Larry D. Travis 1989-2009

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