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View of the Jasper basin which was located just below the old WPKO radio station on 104.

Canal bed in Jasper looking north November 2010 
 photo by Tyrone Hemry

 The guard lock near Jasper with earthen walls and a single gate on each end. C. 1890 

Dave Meyer collection

Names on this picture are wrong. From left to right should read Conrad Stulley, Charles Stulley, Jesse Dyke and Cynthia Baker Stulley Dyke. This correction is from Betty Stulley Gildow granddaughter of Charles Stulley and great granddaughter of Cynthia.

Ca. 1930-1943, this photograph shows the Ghost Orchard basin of the former Ohio & Erie Canal below Jasper, Ohio. This was an area of the lower basin in Newton Township, 

Mark Howell collection

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Another view of the Ohio & Erie canal Jasper basin

Ohio & Erie Canal Lock 46 In the Pee Pee Bottoms now part of Lake White. Lock 45 is also at bottom of Lake White. Both lock 45 and 46 were constructed predominately of wood.

Canal bed in Jasper looking south November 2010 
 photo by Tyrone Hemry

Double culvert conveyed the Ohio & Erie Canal over Sunfish Creek north of Coopersville, Pike Co. it was one of the canal's few culverts and functioned like an aqueduct .  

Ohio & Erie Canal at Jasper 12 November 1916

Pike County south of Waverly. Members of Presbyterian Church of Waverly pose after taking an afternoon excursion on Ohio Canal about 1900.

Dave Meyer collection

Canal boat at basin-south of Boswell Run and just past the old WPKO location.

An Outing on a House Boat at Jasper Basin which I believe started just below the former WPKO radio station location.

 Canal bed in Jasper looking south November 2010

photo by Tyrone Hemry

 Canal bed in Jasper looking north November 2010

photo by Tyrone Hemry
Canal at Jasper 12 November 1916
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