1911 Model "T" Ford Racer owned by Al Foster.  Sitting in seat is Floyd Loel.  Location is at North Street in front of Glove Factory--former Kinney Coal Yard & Bissel Port Hotel on Right. He won race at Waverly Fair Grounds.

from Bill Hicks collection via Gary Cooper

                              Botkin Hornback Funeral Home 314 E. North Street
This home was built by the Gehres as their home with Lumber from their lumber yard. The lumber yard was located about where Subway is now located. Go to http://waverlyinfo.net/ohio---erie-canal-north-of-waverly.html to see a picture. 

photo by Tyrone Hemry April 2006 

Waverly, Ohio North Street

Perry Glass 109 W. North Street, previously Parker Glass, now sets on the location of the former Fire Department building.

photo by Tyrone Hemry November 2010 

 Waverly-- Undertaking Business in New Hands at WAVERLY, O., Sept. 9.

A business deal of considerable Importance, Involving the sale of one of the oldest established business houses In Waverly, was consummated when G. 0. Davis, of Beaver, purchased the Undertaking Department of A. Gehres and Son Co., at Waverly. The business' was established sixty years ago In the locution in which it is now conducted, by Mr. Adam Gehres, and since his death twenty- five years ago, the business has been conducted under the name of The A. Gehres and Son, Co., by Jacob M., D. Kay and Mrs. Nellie Gehres. Following In the footsteps of their father, combining , honest and fair dealing with courtesy to their patrons with a lion's share of the profitable successful and has always had more than a lion’s share of the patronage in their chosen line in Pike and surrounding counties. Only recently the health of two of the members of the firm, Jacob M. and D. Kay, failed and they are now at Grant Hospital, Columbus, for treatment. Owing to the health of the two members of the firm. It was deemed advisable to discontinue the undertaking department of the company which was sold Tuesday to G. 0. Davis, who has been engaged in the undertaking business at Beaver for the past twenty-two years. The sale does not include the building, in which the business is located, but only the stock of goods, fixtures and equipment, including motor hearses. The furniture deportment of the A. Gehres and Son Co. will be continued in the present location under the same name. Miss Nellie Gehres, one of the members of the firm stated in an Interview that the company appreciates the kind and courteous treatment of the people of Pike and surrounding counties, during the twenty- five years which they have been in business. Mr. Davis will conduct the undertaking business in the curlier of the Gehres block and the building is being overhauled and will be used by him as a display room. Mr. Davis stated Tuesday that the purchase of the undertaking business at Waverly will not interfere in any way with his establishment at Beaver, as he elects to continue his business at Beaver and will be In charge of both the Beaver and Waverly establishments. He will be assisted at the Beaver establishment by Mr. Lamar Hammerstein who has been associated with him in business for some time.


25 November 1976 showing Bissel Port Hotel while being dismantled.  Note also Earl Hale and Sons feed store to the right (now Helton's). At one time the Waverly Watchman office where Helton's is now. House on right belonged to George Nye. Far left was Waverly Gage Factory.

The three story hotel was built by a sea captain named Bissel who decided to see Ohio by way of the Erie Canal to  West Portsmouth.  Shortly after the 1832 opening of the canal he came down and like Waverly so well that he went back to Cleveland, sold his belonging and came back to Waverly to have this hotel built to spend his retirement.  The main framework of this building, according to Jim Henry, was joined by wooden pegs and still in good condition at the time he visited during the dismantling of the building.

After the building ceased to be used as a hotel, Tom Mustard's Saloon and Grocery was in the bottom floor in the early 1900s and later apartments.

Madison Hemmings, Sally's son, probably fathered by Thomas Jefferson came to Pebble Township in 1835 and was involved in the construction of this Hotel and also the Grande Tavern and the Emmitt House either as a member of the crew or chief carpenter.

from Bill Hicks collection via Gary Cooper

Masonic Temple 108 East North Street

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Besides being used by Gehres it has been owned by the First Presbyterian Church (now Canal Church of Christ) which you see setting behind the building. Pike Christian Academy used it for class rooms for awhile. First Presbyterian sold the building and the right hand corner shop has gone through several tenants. Elizabeth's Hope has probably been the longest tenant still there.  There is now an apartment up stairs.

photo by Tyrone Hemry May 2012

117 East North Street on left​ built in 1928

photo by Tyrone Hemry 12 December 2015

Note what is on the old parking meter post instead of the horse tied to it.  For those who do not know this is where you could place your money in an envelope and pay your parking ticket.

photo by Tyrone Hemry 17 July 2014

Note the siren on the steeple at the fire station placed there March 1928 and tested the previous Tuesday as noted by the March 29th Waverly News. This replaced the whistle at the power house (now the site of the Mayor's office). A five horsepower motor is required to operate it and is controlled by a switch at the telephone exchange.

photo by Joe White, whose house was next door to the former Don's Furniture then for a while building was used as Old Canal Antiques & Collectibles, looking west.

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Corner of North Street and High Street A. Gehres & Son Furniture & Undertaking built in 1880.  His former store on the left became where he conducted his undertaking business.  

205 East North Street 

photo by Tyrone Hemry 16 January 2016

Note on the left of the picture Tendersweet poultry before they moved to James road.

photo by Tyrone Hemry March 2011

114 East North Street 

photo by Tyrone Hemry 16 January 2016

Cal Storage replaced the hotel 114 W. North Street

photo by Tyrone Hemry Nov 2010

201 East North Street
Sargents corner of High and North Streets

photo by Tyrone Hemry 16 January 2016

229 E. North Street was office of Bruce R. Daily
photo by Tyrone Hemry March 2007 

Building was dismantled about 1965

1950's North Street showing Coffer's Dry Goods, later Don's Furniture then Canal Antiques and now the store is empty

Republican Herald office on North street with 1950 Chevrolet and Armbruster Plumbing on right

Jacob F. Christman Store believed to be at 127 East North Street, Waverly: Pictured: Lovina (Melvina) Ridgeway Christman and her daughter-in-law Florence. This photo more than likely was done before 1910 as Florence and Jacob move to Urbana, OH by 1910.  

Chief Jack White, Asst. Clerk Emmor Hayes. Paul Edleman, John Keechle, David Yeager, Robert Hays, Henry Rapp, Gammy White, Arthur "Fuzz" Wittkugle, Frank Emrich, Albert "Paddle Foot" Murphy, Charles "Swatty" Stewart  

About half block east of Market st on North street looking east about 1955

After the fire department moved from this building Charles "Shorty" Myers had his auto repair garage (Myers Garage) in this building until about September 1945 when it was sold to Mrs. M. L. Spriggs as part of her expansion plans for the Waverly Hatchery and Feed Store. She had built, the building that is now the Wilson Memorial library. The building with modifications eventually became Parker Glass and is now Perry Glass.  Current address is 109 West North Street, Waverly. Jim Henry believes the fire department relocated to Lock Street which later became Kiser Garage and was located across from present day Vallery Ford.  The building has since been torn down.  

​Adam Gehres was born in Prussia, Germany, March 9, 1828, a son of Adam and Charlotte Gehres. In 1836 his parents came to America and located in Wayne County, Ohio, removing five years later to Pike County where his father died in 1867 and his mother in 1872. In 1852 he went to Iowa and in 1864 returned to Ohio and engaged in the furniture business. He lived in Sharonville (now Omega), Ohio for two years and then came to Waverly and opened a manufactory on a small scale. Mr. Gehres had seven children: William and Joseph, of Gehres Brothers Planing Mill; Jacob, of the firm of A. Gehres and Son; Jennie, Daniel, Nellie and Elizabeth. Mr. Gehres and family are members of the Presbyterian Church. 

122 East North Street, Presbyterian Church c. 1842.  Now Canal Church of Christ as of 2004

127 East North Street, Former J. F. Christman Store
photo by Tyrone Hemry May 2008

201 East North Street

Street Smith Hardware corner of High and North Streets

Masonic Temple 108 East North Street as of February 2015

photo by Tyrone Hemry

John Schauseil Dry Goods Store 300 East North Street
John G. Schauseil was born in Waverly on 12 January 1855 to Gottfried Schauseil and Hanna Christine Yetto.  John G married Anna Fulcher. He passed away in 1928 in Waverly. 

114 North Street

photo by Tyrone Hemry 3 January 2016

​106 West North Street 

The building when it was used as the office of the Waverly Watchman.  Currently it iis now Helton's