N & W water tower almost completed at Waverly Oct 8, 1910
from Jim Henry photo collection

Waverly depot March 27 during 1913 flood

Probably built when the Scioto Valley Railroad was put into operation in 1878. The building was torn down September 1948. Originally was located on the west side of the tracts but was moved about 1910 to the east side and just North of Sallie Blazer's Store when double tracking started. Picture was taken about 1890. At some point in time the tower was removed. Some of the agents were Dan Ginn, James Irvin, Arthur Condon, Jim See, Johnny Warden, Mike Rader, Alice Adams and Sally Blazer.

N & W Coal train west bound near Waverly 1945

Scioto Valley RR to fill in Corwin Trestle 27 May 1886 Waverly Watchman.

Scioto Valley RR buys land 22 Apr 1886 Waverly Watchman 

Skull of Bufalo dug up 23 Sep 1886 Waverly Watchman

N & W Railroad bridge at Waverly as it cross the Scioto River viewed from OH 220 August 30, 2008. This bridge consists of three five panel Baltimore through truss spans. Note the bridge peers behind it where the D T & I crossed the river before the 1913 flood destroyed it.
                                                                                                         photo by Tyrone Hemry

N & W water tower under construction at Waverly 23 September 1910          
       from Jim Henry photo collection

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Scioto Valley Railroad Depot at Waverly

Gary Minor collection

N & W water tanks with men at Waverly Oct. 1, 1910

Waverly, former Oil Distributer

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Untitled Untitled

N & W Camp cars at Waverly 1913

Scioto Valley RR fatel acident 22 Jul 1885 Waverly Watchman

Scioto Valley Railroad Depot 

Gary Minor collection

N & W Sargents Station as it looked January 2009. This is the only remaining depot in Pike Co.

photo by Tyrone Hemry

N & W Steam engine at Omega 1 Sep 1924

Flood damage to N & W RR March 31, 1913
 from Jim Henry photo collection

Scioto Valley RR now N & W in Pike Co.


N & W Omega depot setting on the south side of the tracks and looking west toward Waverly. Note the little house is still there. 

Waverly N & W Depot

from Jim Henry photo collection

24 June 1926 The Waverly Watchman

N & W Railway looking eastward with Sargents to the south

N & W Omega prior to 1870

Waverly N & W north (freight) end of the depot in the process of being moved

from Jim Henry photo collection via Charles Brown

N & W Engine #215 at Waverly Sep. 3, 1910

Damage to N & W rails north of Waverly 1913       
           from Jim Henry photo collection

N & W Waverly men at water spigot Oct. 8, 1910
         from Jim Henry photo collection

N & W water tank I think at Waverly

Waverly N & W depot

The south end was built for the Scioto Valley Railroad which began operations in December 1877 from Columbus to Portsmouth. The depot closed about 1975. After it closed, local businessman Paul “Tater” Keiser purchased the depot from the railway and contracted with local house movers Silcott & Company to move it in two seconds to West Second Street. This was a tremendous moving operation as the building traveled along the tracks to state Route 220 and Depot Road and then down West Second Street after crossing the D.T. & I. Railroad. I recall the building being used as a second hand furniture store by a Mr. Montgomery.  Later is was used by the Moose Lodge until destroyed by fire.


In an early morning blaze believed to be of suspicious origin, the Moose Lodge, old Route 23, Waverly, was burned to the ground before it could be saved by firefighters. According to Captain Mike Corwin of the Waverly Police Department, the fire was reported at 3:53 a.m. by Ptls. Randy Stanhope and Jerry Pennington while on routine patrol. Corwin stated that the two had just checked the lodge and were by the Stave Mill, approximately 300 feet away, when they spotted the flames. The Waverly Fire Department was immediately notified, but could not save the building, which was originally the N&W Train Station and built in the 1800s. Evidence collected by authorities indicates that the building may have been broken into before the blaze. State and local fire investigators were on the scene by 8 a.m. At approximately the same time, the captain noted, the Gulf Bulk Plant, old Route 23, was broken into. A TV, typewriter and calculator were taken. Authorities are continuing to investigate.

 News Watchman on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 1982

N & W East Bound going pass Omega 1 Sep 1924