Cemeteries: (5)Allen Cemetery (Jerusalem, Allen Chapel, Allen Ridge), (9)Baptist Cemetery, Bartlett-Streitenberger Cemetery, (15)Barton Cemetery (Linn Hill) (latitude: 39.10444 longitude: 82.83083 elevation (ft/m): 1001/305), Brandon-old Cemetery, Brust Cemetery, (32)Carr's Run Cemetery,(153)Condon Cemetery (latitude: 39.14556 longitude: 82.92556 elevation (ft/m): 581/177), Corwin Cemetery, Estell Cemetery, Ewing Number 1 Cemetery, Ewing Number 2 Cemetery, Foster Cemetery #1, (60)Foster Cemetery #2, Frey Cemetery, Pleasant Hill (German Chapel) Cemetery (latitude: 39 09.248 Longitude: 82 47.937 elevation 1017'), (69)Grandview (Hay Hollow) Cemetery (latitude: 39.13694 longitude: 82.84667 elevation (ft/m): 718/219), (82)Graves Cemetery, (77)Harris Cemetery (latitude: 39 08.01 longitude: 82 51.134), (79)Hatfield Cemetery (latitude: 39.16972 longitude: 82.90056 elevation (ft/m): 633/193), Haynes Grave Cemetery, (87)Jackson Cemetery: (latitude: 39 05.053 longitude: 82 48.306 elevation 1024') , McMillin Grave, Mitchell Cemetery, Mt. Sinai Cemetery (latitude: 39 08" 28" longitude: 82 48' 01"), Rider Cemetery, Schilder Cemetery, (164)Straight Creek Cemetery, (125)Omega Cemetery (latitude: 39 08' 58 longitude: 82 54' 54"), (133)Omega Old Cemetery, (154)Pancake Cemetery, Walker Ridge Cemetery (latitude: 39 06.845 longitude:82 49.337 Elevation 1064'), Watton Family Cemetery [Carr's Run Rd.], and (173)Weddington (Mutton Run) Cemetery (latitude 39 08' 59" longitude: 82 50' 29").

Hatfield Cemetery on a hill behind 1145 Higby Road

This is a bit of an idea the shape this cemetery is in as of 27 Feb 2011

photo by Tyrone Hemry

photo by Tyrone Hemry
Frey Cemetery located at end of Newman Road next to a trailer on the John Cook property. Latitude 39.1667 Longitude 82.9411

Warren, Mary J.                                         age 3 months     died 18 Dec 1838

  dau. of Tilman & Elizabeth Warren

Warren, David                                              age 12 years     died 5 May 1838

  son of H. & N. Warren

Warren, Henry

  [A Henry Warren is listed in the 1840 census for Jackson


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Indian Mounds explored in 1896 Found on Major Foster, J. W. Barger and R. L. Condon Farms

Jackson Township, Pike Co. Cemeteries

Old Omega Cemetery
photo by Tyrone Hemry 24 May 2015

Old Omega Cemetery

photo by Tyrone Hemry

                              Soldiers buried in Old Omega Cemetery
Corwine, Samuel War of 1812 Private, Ensign Jacob Hoover or Hoober's Co. enlisted 28 Jul 1813 to 18 Aug 1813 buried Row 4 grave # 8
Carnes, Peter Civil War, Corporal Co. F. 53rd Reg. O. V. I. enlisted 11 Nov 1861 discharged 15 Dec 1862 buried row 4 grave # 3
Donohoe, Alfred S. Corporal, Co. G. 91st Reg. O. V. I. enlisted 12 Aug 1862 discharged 24 Jun 1865, born 13 Jul 1842 died 18 Apr 1870 buried row 2 grave # 2 cause: Consumption
Donohoe, William A.  Promoted from 1st Sergeant 9 Feb 1863 to 2nd Lieutenant Co. G. Reg. O. V. I., Promoted to 1st Lieutenant Co. C. Reg. O V. I. 4 Jun 1864 but not mustered.  enlisted 1 Aug 1862 discharged 7 Aug 1864 born 21 Nov 1841 died 30 Jan 1866 buried Row 2 Grave # 3
Regan, Richard  Private War 1812 Captain James Wallace's Co. enlisted 28 Jul 1813 discharged 7 Sep 1813 born 1790 died 19 Jan 1849 buried Row 7 Grave # 5
Wilson, George  Private War 1812 1st Reg. O. M. Captain Wm. Wilsons Co. enlisted 1 Aug 1812 discharge 9 Sep 1812 buried row 7 Grave # 9

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14 Jab 1954 Waverly Watchman

This would be Hatfield Cemetery

                     Weddington Cemetery  (Mutton Run Cemetery)

Located between Mutton Run Road on north, Watson Run Road on west, and Hay Hollow Road on south, Jackson Township, Pike Co., Ohio

                                                  Compiled by: Tyrone Hemry
                                                        Feb 25, 1995
                                                 From information supplied by:
                Hudson Anderson whose grandfather Grandville Johnson is buried their.    

Their are no markers left in this cemetery located on a hill.

Johnson, Clarence   died 1918   (son of Grandville Johnson)

Johnson, Grandville   (He is grandfather of Hudson Anderson the supplier of this information)

Johnson, Mary Ann   (daughter of Clarence Johnson and died as a small girl)

Johnson, Omar  (son of Grandville and died as a young boy)

Johnson Jr., Samuel Marion   (his father is Samuel Marion Johnson Sr. and is buried in Mt. Sinai Cemetery, Hay Hollow Road.  Grandfather is Samuel Justice Johnson who was born in VA.  He is a cousin to Grandville Johnson)

Weddington, Sam   died between 1870 and 1880

May be:

Weddington,  child that died real young.
The Weddington family left the area between 1880 and 1890

probably one other grave

Strain, William  15 Oct 1853-27 MAY 1915  [DEATH CERTIFICATE]