Elm Grove school very near Bethel Church. Around 1930 or 1931. Teacher was Babe McAllister.

 Amy White collection

Scioto Township school at Wakefield

Western High School at Latham demolished 2004

Pleasant Hill School currently owned by Paster Dee and Becky Cantrell

photo by Tyrone Hemry 23 September 2016

Camp Creek School built 1934 closed 1974

unknown school in Pike Co., OH

Vanmeter School

Children on the Vanmeter farm in the early 1800's went to school in the tiny white farm building next to the stone farm house.

photo by Marcus Orr

Union Township School on Germany Road built in the 1930's by the CCC and WPA  

Boswell Run School students

Unknown one room school. Does any one know where it was?

California School (Stockdale) 

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Leona Nelson and her class at Nipgen on a post card dated Oct 1911

Stockdale Play Grounds in 1917 

Idaho School closed 1956 Built in the 1930's by the CCC and WPA workers.
photo by Tyrone Hemry July 2011

Lathan Rural School 1917 

Maplewood school 1912 

Alma school 26 March 1891  Note "God Bless Our School" sign in window

Cynthiana School
Gary Minor collection

Alma School 1924-1925

Anderson Rural School class in 1917 

Sargent's, Ohio School class  

The Dailyville Free Will Baptist Church sits on the location of the Grange building where the school kids were playing in this old photo. The school was located at the front of where the church’s parking lot is now located. 

photo and information from Jim Henry

 Morgantown Basketball team 1952

Backrow: William Bill Doughitt, teacher-principal & coach, Arthur Stephenson, Lowell Jones, Jack Armstrong

In the middle row: Eugene Montgomery and Bruce Lawrence.

In the bottom row: Roger Howland, Roscoe Tackett, Roger Tackett and Marvin Shepherd

Beech Flat school 1960's

Gary Minor collection

Bethel School and Store Sunfish Creek Road 

Girl on left may be Ruth McCallister Trainer
from Jim Henry collection

Western High School at Latham demolished 2004

School at Stockdale and sets on the boarder with Scioto Co.

photo by Tyrone Hemry October 2015

Here are the names of the students, but not in order: Sant Poole, Mary Provost, Donna Sutton, Mary Lytle, Rebecca Walker, Cecil Sutton, Jane Vollmer, Jim "Henry" Sutton, Mabel Trainer, John Provost, Noel Walker, Joe Poole and Ada Lytle.

Jim Henry collection

Another view of Beech Flat School

Jim Henry collection

Jasper school students

Bethel School around 1930

Row 1: Raymond Leslie, Charles Crabtree, Wilson Wunderwood, Edgar Knisley, Paul Legg, Lester Lock

Row 2: Myrtle Mullens, Lucile Leslie, Amedia Legg Ealey, Rosemary Underwood, Sara Bruster, Leona Crabtree

Row 3: Clarence Shanks, Dorothy Lee (sklachek), Ester McQuire, Stella Jones, Grace Williams, Ford Legg, Harold Crabtree, Harold Knicely, James Bruster Bill Legg, Henry Mossberger, Charles Mullens, Loretta Entler, Augustine Jones

Row 4: Anne Mae Mullen, Irene Jones, Hazel Crabtree, Ida Bruster, Bill Entler, John Underwood, Eldon Knisley, Lillian Legg Ealy, Helen Crabtree, Elam Underwood

Row 5: Marion Douglas, Kate Legg Mullens, Pauline Legg McKenney, Gladas Entler, Golden Throckmorton

names supplied byLoretta Legg

According to Loretta's dad the school was located about half way between the road and the creek.  After the school was closed George Merritt moved it up by the road.  Because of the age of her dad she thinks the picture was taken between 1931-1933.

Moore School, Shyville, OH April 5, 1911

Row 1 L to R: Hazel Zimmerman Havens w/sign, Charles Farmer, Ruth Farmer, Ruth Shears,, Chalmer Dailey, Calvin Bumgardner teacher, ? Moore, ? ? boy, Grace Holt Achord, ? Detty Anna Shears, Imo Zimmerman Mossbarger, Lenora Woodell, Clarie Carson, Nellie Shears Sumpter, Chester Holt w/sign

Row 2 L to R: Clarence Farmer, Jimmie Carson, Alfred Moore, ??girl, John Farmer, Myrtle Dailey, George Hawk, Ernestine Hawk Stirr, ? ? boy, ? ? girl, Raymond Dailey, Leonie Holt, Carrol Holt

Row 3 L to R: Irene Moore, George Holt, Flossie Woodell, Marie Farmer Dailey, Rosa Holt Grooms, Cassie Woodell, Harry Zimmerman, Lois Detty

Note: in row two Raymond Dailey is the late long-time attorney in Waverly.

information and photo from Nancy Shepherd via Jim Henry

Perry Twp. School and informally as the old Cynthiana School, this stood at Cynthiana, Ohio on Rt. 41 at Muddy Fork Road. It was built in 1930 and burned in 2001.

Elm Grove School October 31, 1934

First row: (left to right) Freda Mustard, Eileen Beekman, Madeline Current, Gladys Williams, Earl Mustard, George Williams, Dale Penn, Gerald Cassady; Second row: John Hart, Joe Williams, Phyllis McAllister, Imogene Current, Bernice McNelly, Glenna Williams, Nellie Smith, Denver Wallace, Kelly Wallace, Russell Mustard.  Third row:  Lloyd Mustard, Delbert Mustard, Donzel Smith, Beatrice Wallace, Albert Smith, Stanley McNelly, Ellen Cassady, Wells McAllister, and Mr. Bayless.  Two pupils - Mary Williams and Don Beekman - were absent. 

Courtesy of Harry Bayless, Piketon, Ohio

Students with names on picture are Mustard's

Old Record

Tells How the Boys and Girls Behaved in School

Comments By The Teacher

Jotted Down Years Ago Make Interesting Reading Now

A Historical Find At Piketon

Time worn and discolored but in a fair state of preservation a register of the Piketon public schools for the year 1850 was discovered when the old farm house on the Piketon fair grounds was moved last week.

J. W. Longbon and J. J. Green were the teachers in the school, which consisted of but two depart-ments at that time and the register was for the term commencing October 9, 1850 and continuing four months.

Over sixty pupils were enrolled, many only taking the three R’s. The record was complete and in addition to having the number of days present, days absent, times tardy, etc as is given in the modern register, a notation of the pupil’s disposition was made following his name.

A News representative had an opportunity Sunday of looking over the old book, in which were en-rolled the names of several who have obtained state and national prominence.

William D. Jones, at one time editor of the Waverly Watchman headed the list of enrollments. He was described as "a studious boy who learned fast." Linda L. Ware, who later became his wife was "a very good girl" according to the register.

Charles W. Jones, better known as "Weck" was "noisy but learns" and "mischievous" was used to describe Mary Ragan, who in after years became Mrs. John A. Jones and who still lives on the cor-ner of Third and Lock streets, this city.

Earl A. Cranston, who is now a Methodist Episcopal Bishop, with a boy who learns well."

It was noted that Henry Brown, the prominent Seal Township farmer was "the best boy in school" and his deceased brother Ex-Postmaster Samuel Brown, of Piketon was described as "tolerable."

Samuel Reed, president of the First National Bank of Portsmouth evidently outgrew his earlier reputation as he was entered upon the register as "spoiled boy, bad and idle." His brother Joseph G. Reed, prominent Portsmouth business man was "very Studious, but noisy."

Elizabeth J. Caudy was "good," Isaac Austill was "good" while one pupil who is now dead was described as "dull and very lazy." Another was entered as "dull, slow and very idle" while others who have probably long since passed to the Great Beyond were variously described as "stupid," "bad boy," "lazy" "good," "had no book" and "stubborn."

The book was found by Edward N. Dieterich, a young man who for the past two years has been connected with the Piketon public schools and he turned it over to the city Board of Education who will preserve the souvenir of old times

                                                                                               August 8, 1907 News Watchman

Druggist C.C. Daily of Piketon who was at one time superintendent of the schools was the owner of the farm house was resided three years ago and he believes the book must have been among his possession.

                                                                                                August 15, 1907 The Waverly News

Elm Grove Students at Serpent Mound Park in 1928

Boy in front looking down is probably Delbert Carl Mustard

picture from George Williams via Jim Henry collection

Early Schools in Pike County, Ohio


Scioto Township School ruins at Wakefield  

Peck School near Denver and Prosperity from 1892.  My great Uncle Peter Flanigan is in the second row right of center with the scarf around his neck. He was about 12.

Mike Patterson collection

Meadow Run School about 1912

left to right Clare, Kathryn and Glenn

Western High School in 1931

Jasper School on Long Fork Road in the 1970's it was Kenny Hales Feed and Grain and you could take your walnuts there to sell them. Building is now gone. Built in the 1930's by the CCC and WPA workers 

7 & 8 grades from school in Cynthiana, OH. Top-right is grandfather of Louis Cheese Davis from 1934 35. Jay Davis collection

Beech Flat School on a hill  
One room school on Beech Flats road near Cynthianna, Ohio. Beech Flats Rd. runs between Drybone Rd and Bell Hollow Rd. Bell Hollow runs into Rt. 41 at Cynthianna.  

Jim Henry collection

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Morgantown 4 room school built in 1935

After it closed it was made into apartments but later burned down.

In 1958, Chester May was principal with teachers Harry Bayless, Robert Cutler, Mrs. Gem Hanawalt and Beatrice Bates.

Chester May was born in Feb. 1, 1928, in Cynthiana. He finished high school while serving in the U.S. Army. During his six years of military service, he was in World War II and the Korean War (conflict).

Chester earned his B.S. degree at Ohio University, his M.A. at Eastern Kentucky University and postgraduate work at the University of Virginia.

He was principal at Morgantown in the 1950s and when that school closed he became the first principal at the new Parker Elementary in the early 1960s.

information from Jim Henry and pictures from Roger and Ruby Tackett

There were several brick schools in the Waverly area, that is still standing and used as a home. There is one just past Pleasant Hill church, another is Peck (gone now) at the junction of Prosperity and Denver roads by Mary’s Chapel church, Corwin on state Route 335 north of Waverly past Fleser’s home and farm, another one sat north of Waverly on the old Scioto Trail, later U.S. 23, about where Valley's Collision Center sits.

Nancy Havens-Shepherd says the Shyville school house was moved to Beaver Creek on Shyville Road when the area was cleared to build the Atomic Plant in the 1952-1953 period.

information from Jim Henry

Headline - Closing near 300 schools in state aid districts, saves a sum of $2,000,000. Feb 8, 1934 Republican Herald

Some schools had only eight pupils and required a teacher full time.

Nine schools in Pike closed with 184 pupils and had a savings of $2,450 with a similar savings for next year.

Note: this was during the Great Depression which began in Oct. 1929 with the stock market crash.

information from Jim Henry