GT Road Unit-DT&I Yard Unit-Beside the sand tower in Jackson

Dr. Raymond Boothe Photograph

Ohio Southern crossing at Byer 16 June 2016

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Ohio Southern engine #2153

photo by Tyrone Hemry 3 May 2016  

D T & I eng at Eifort, OH Dec 1967

D T & I Jackson Yard - Oct. 1980  

Rusty Chambers collection

View of truck set that caused car to overturn. The truck ran off ties and plowed into ballast forcing car off center-pin. β€” with Todd McClaskey.

D T & I R R shops at Jackson

D T & I at Jackson car shops inspection pit

Thom Placier collection

Alaska engine at Jackson 2011 operating over some of the former D T & I rail lines. 
photo by Tyrone Hemry

D T & I tracks at Jisco

D T & I's business car Dearborn parked at the depot in Jackson.

Santa Claus train when it arrived at the Jackson D T & I Station in December of 1981

Jackson Yards

Cars in for repair at Jackson

Raymond Booth collection

D T& I last train to leave Jackson the No. 407
Pickup truck on left belonged to the father of Renee Adams-Henry

D T & I Jackson sanding tower

photo by Tyrone Hemry 2010 

D T & I Jackson depot with train pulling in about 1923

D T & I Jackson car shops

  Raymond Booth collection

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Alaska engine # 2807 and Hooper car at Jackson 2011. This former Alaska GP49 2806 is a long way from home, now working for U.S. Rail on their southern Ohio lines. photo by Tyrone Hemry

​The Toledo-based U S Rail served as the city's rail operator for 8 years but terminated its lease with the city 1 January 2014 after operating it and providing freight service under a lease for approximately  8 years.  At that time the city owned rail line, included approximately 70 miles of track in Jackson, Vinton, Ross, and Lawrence Counties.  The new operator 1 January was Indiana Eastern Railroad with a 25 year contract. Indiana Eastern's local operations is known as Ohio South-Central Rail Line
Jackson July 10, 2012 photo by Tyrone Hemry
Car pictured was originally built as a transfer caboose for the New York Central and was in caboose service by Conrail. Interior was destroyed by fire in the early 90's in Carlisle, Ohio. Great Miami Railroad purchased the burnt out shell and rebuilt it into a weed spray car at the Hamden Shops. Ownership got transfered to US Rail when they purchased the assets of Great Miami.  Information from Greg Shook.

D T & I steam engine # 79 at a coal mine

D T & I Jackson sanding tower 21 July 1980

Wellston D T & I depot

Wellston RR map showing where the D T & I track was located.  The 17 mile branch to Wellston, because of the closing of many of the coal mines, received permission from the ICC to discontinue it.

Former D T & I depot showing the south side 28 January 2010

photo by Tyrone Hemry

D T & I Jackson car shops with box car 

Detroit Toledo & Ironton RR laying tract near Oak Hill, OH about 1910

D T & I # 405 heading south on the B&O tracks toward Oak Hill. This picture was taken from the Camba Road Bridge near where Franklin School once stood. The tracks at Rt. 93 in Oak Hill have now been removed across the road.

D T & I engine #33 at Jackson

D T & I engine #33 at Jackson

D T & I wood caboose #68 in 1967 at Jackson  

Jackson Yard west end

from A. Coyan collection
The Ironton turn switching
from A. Coyan collection

D T & I tracks at Jisco

from A. Coyan collection

D T & I at Globe Iron in 1906

D. T. & I. Car repair shops at Jackson

    The car shops was started June 1906 that included $28,000 in grants and land from the city of Jackson. The site along Athens Street had once been a horse race track. The complex included new heavy repair shops, transfer table, oil house, new yard office building and the relocation of the water tank. The Detroit Southern round house, which sat in a triangle at Main and Bridge Streets, was closed and a newer larger facility was included in the program. Over $160,000 was spent on the program with the first building occupied in August 1908.

    Click here for information about the D. T. & I. Car Shop in Jackson Ohio:

D T & I service facilities at Jackson

Diesel locomotives at Jackson, Ohio, December 1983, three months before Grand Trunk closed the Jackson Shop.

Photo curtsey of Bob Kitchen

D T & I Jackson Ohio showing 5 diesels with one at the sanding tower

from A. Coyan collection

Former D T & I depot showing the north side 28 January 2010

photo by Tyrone Hemry

D T & I RR Jackson Depot May 1967

Ariel view of the D T and I Jackson car shops.  A horse race track was on this land before the car shops.

from A. Coyan collection

D T & I RR in Jackson County, Ohio


Ohio Southern crossing road at Byer 16 June 2016 he​ading toward Jackson
photo by Tyrone Hemry

D T & I Jackson turn switch Oct 1982 

D T & I Car Shops Jackson, Ohio

D T & I old wooden work train behind the old ice house in Jackson. This train consisted of some of the last wooden railcars left on the D T & I.

Raymond booth collection

D T & I Gas-Electric U.S. Mail Car No. 35. This picture was taken on Athens Street beside the car shops   Dr. Raymond Boothe Collection

Former Coalton Mayor Gerald Shook and Coalton Marshall Marvin Bates investigates the scene. Also in picture is Rodney Rippeth and train crew members Rick Cunningham and Steve Tolbert β€” with Todd McClaskey. 8 July 1988

D T & I engine # 412 at Jackson Sept 1952.

D T & I  #  200 in Oak Hill, OH in 1946


D T & I leaving Jackson, southbound near the old Globe Iron Works site. The track to the left is the JISCO spur which ran west out of Jackson to the Jackson Iron and Steel Co (JISCO) blast furnace.

Rusty Chambers collection

D T & I engine # 956 at Eifort, OH Dec 1967

D T & I jackson Scale House far west of the yard, almost to the point where Main street makes a 90 degree turn and crosses the tracks.

Tom Placier collection

Turn of the century colorized postcard of the D T & I Shops in Jackson, Ohio

Dr. Raymond Boothe Collection

Great Walton RR engine # 4537 (a GP9r built March 1959, builder # EMD25164, previously owned by the C & NW RR) and hopper crossing road near the WYPC transmitter site
                                                                              photo by Tyrone Hemry July 31, 2014

In Coalton Looking east toward Jackson after I & O # 61 derailed. MKT air slide covered hopper Landed within 3 feet of house.  July 8. 1988

Great Walton engine # 4337 crossing road near the WYPC transmitter site

photo by Tyrone Hemry July 31, 2014

Untitled Untitled

D T & I Jackson near the depot April 1983  

Rusty Chambers collection