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D T & I engine # 1776 a GP 38-2 built July 1975  and specially panted for the bicentennial by the Electro-Motive Davison of General Motors Corporation.  It was later renumbered back to D T & I 228, then became GTW 6228.

Detroit Toledo and Ironton Railway Company bank note Feb. 1908 

D T & I Two gallon water can

D T & I crane side view

D T & I Gas-Electric U.S. Mail Car No. 35. This picture was taken on Athens Street beside the car shops Dr. Raymond Boothe Collection

D T & I Caboose #128

Ford Motor Co. Tool Check Tag Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad

D T & I RR Adlake Padlock

D T & I pile Driver

D T & I Railway Co. preferred Stock 1908

D T & I crane # 99402 rear view  

D T & I crane #99402 front view  

D T & I #15207 light lifting crane built by Burro Crane Company in 1940, pulling a single car hauling rail spikes etc. for maintenance of way purposes. It is now located at Owosso, MI as part of the Steam Railroad Institute collection. Showing here with the Grand Trunk logo. 

Detroit Toledo and Ironton Railway Company Bond Certificate of Deposit 1910

1980 Detroit Toledo and Ironton Railway Company 4 1/2% bonds

Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railway Co. 1890-1900's Odd Shares Specimen Stock 

Detroit Toledo and Ironton $1000 bond

D T & I employee badge

D T & I Adams & Westlake Bell bottom Lantern 

D T & I 1930 RR pass

D T & I RR

photo by Addy

D T & I RR with Martin Addy on the far left

photo Addy collection

D T & I RR Martin Addy 2nd from right

Addy photo collection

D T & I RR

Addy photo collection

D T & I RR

Addy photo collection

The last D T & I business car, #1907, was the former PRR Superintends car # 7528.  It was in poor condition and was rebuilt at the Jackson shops in 1954 with new side sheets, sealed windows, full roof and self-contained equipment.  It was sold in 1976 to the Maryland Midland Railroad.

D T & I covered hopper car

D T & I coal car

Detroit Toledo & Ironton Rail Road in pictures


 D T & I passenger train 31 March 1904

 D T & I coil car

D T & I signal light a Dressler

D T & I MOW car #99550 at Springfield 1982

D T & I Emmitt Addy Telegraph Operator 

D T & I railroad employee pin badges

D T & I steam engine line up

Detroit Toledo and Ironton Railway Company  4 1/2% gold bond issued August 1908 

 D T & I Ford rail car #2 at Ironton

 D t & I railcar #8 a 1941 Ford

D T & I 1941 Ford RR police car

D T & I Ford inspection car at the Rouge Plant

 D T & I business car #1907

D T & I business car #1907

Electric Locomotives 501B and 501A, Henry Ford's challenging undertaking and ending up the most wasteful.  Westinghouse Electric Company was brought in to design and manufacture the electronic gear.  Reportabley the cost of each electric engine was $700,000 and that was in 1924 money.  Regular operation of the engines started January 1926.  In 1930 after they ran a red block they were thrown into a ditch on there side.  They were lifted back onto there wheels and taken to the Ford property and cut up. 

Number 36 was designed and built by the Pullman Company as light weight, high speed, gas-electric cars to be used with 3 man crews.  They were 76 feet 2 inches long and weighed 66 tons. Built of aluminum and steel consisting of 4 compartments: operators compartment, mail compartment, baggage compartment and passenger compartment.  This picture taken at the Rouge plant. 

D T & I Work Train-1921.

Work trains were a long way from home for weeks at a time. Often the railroad would hire a worker's wife to do the cooking for the men. This situation forced the cook to bring her children.

  photo and information by Raymond Boothe

D T & I dated 21 Nov 1923

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