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Detroit Toledo & Ironton Depot at Flat Rock, MI

Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad Depot at Wauseon, Fulton Co., OH

Flat Rock, Mi

Flat Rock, MI

D T & I facilities at Flat Rock, MI

Turn Table at Flat Rock, MI

Detroit Toledo & Ironton Typhoon Snow Blower at Flat Rock, MI

D T & I depot Carleton, MI Addy Photo

D T & I Flat Rock MI Feb 1986

Final section of the D.T.& I. Bridge over the Great Miami River near Quincy is lifted into place in 1892

D T & I Napoleon Depot

D T & I Columbus Grove depot

D T & I Quincy Depot built c 1893.  At Quincy the D T & i interchanged with the Big Four.  In the background of this 1968 view is Big Four's Morgan tower, uncharacteristic because the first floor is enclosed.  The Quincy depot rmains now in private use.

photo by Charles Garvin 1969 in Mark J. Camp collection

D T & I Thackery Depot

D T & I westbound coming through Alpha, Ohio in 1976 while using its' trackage rights over the PC Xenia-Dayton main. Looking to the east and they are just starting across Alpha Rd. (by the old elevator).  This track is now gone.

 D. T. & I. Railroad Going North

    Incorporated July 21, 1881, as successor to the Springfield Southern Railroad Company, which was originally organized as the Springfield, Jackson and Pomeroy Railroad Company,
   December 17, 1874. Receiver appointed February 1, 1879. Sold under foreclosure, October 29, 1879, and reorganized as Springfield Railroad Company, November 3, 1879. On May 8, 1895, the Ohio
  Southern Railroad Company having become financially embarrassed, receivers were appointed, and on October 15, 1898, the road was sold under foreclosure. Sale confirmed February 24, 1899

D. T. & I. Railroad Bridge at Greenfield, Ohio
photo from Barbara Toppins collection

 D T & I Good Hope Depot, Fayette Co., OH about 1925
 June Gregg photo

D T & I South Charleston Depot 

The depot on west Mound St. in South Charleston, Ohio, was erected in 1878-79 as a passenger and freight station for the Springfield, Jackson & Pomeroy Railroad.  The railroad reorganized as The Detroit, Toledo & Ironton in 1905.  The Depot was sold to the Heritage Commission Corp. for $1.00 and has been converted to a museum and historical society headquarters. The bay window and roof overhang on the track side of the building that had been removed by the DT&I many years ago,  were reinstalled during the restoration.

D T & I last passenger at South Charleston May 8 1954

D T & I  Coaling Tower Springfield  1966 

D T & I watering tower at St. Paris, OH 

D T & I bridge at Quincy, OH over Great Miami River about 1916 

D T & I Depot at Jackson Center, Ohio 3390 Baker Road south of St. Paris Pike in Springfield

"This station was moved from Jackson Center, in Shelby County, by a private individual in the 1970s. It was restored and maintained in near original condition some 40 miles from its prior location. It features the distinctive 1920 style of Henry Ford when he owned the D T & I railroad and selected gray as the station color and with large signs. A very good example of Ford influence on the railroads under his ownership in that era." - Scott Trostel 

D T & I Depot dated  16 Aug 1923 

D T & I  #  250 & 251 at West Detroit May 1971 

D T & I GP 9 #981 in April 1973 at Flat Rock, MI

Flat Rock, MI engine terminal was built in 1948 

D T & I steam engine on turn table at Fla Rock about 1950 

D T & I Depot Flat Rock, MI

D T & I Depot Flat Rock, MI 

D T & I bridge Huron River South of Flat Rock, MI

D T & I at Dundee, MI  1977 

D T & I cab # 125 at Malinta, OH

Village of Malinta, named 1880 by postmaster J. Bensing for daughter. State Route 109 between Road K and L. This railroad boom town was the first of 30 interchange points between the Nickel Plate and the D.T. & I. The 1885 Nickel Plate depot is now a museum with a D T & I caboose.

D T & I Depot & Tower, Malinta, OH 

D T & I pair of D T& I GP40-2's spotted in Lima, Ohio on August 6, 1978 

D T & I Depot, Lima OH, 1992  

D T & I Depot, Saint Johns, OH in 1992 

D T &I Greenfield D T & I Depot

photo from Barbara Toppins collection

D T & I new $10,000 depot at Greenfield, OH about 1909

D T & I  Greenfield Depot

D T & I Greenfield, Ohio depot

Addy photo

D T & I Tecumseh, MI about 1909

River Raisin Railroad High Bridge for both Detroit Toledo & Milwaukee RR and Detroit Toledo & Ironton R R. Photographer Farmer Fred

 D. C. R. R. with Charles August Anderson and is the "boss" in the middle in suit, overcoat, and hat.  Charles Anderson worked for D T & I from 1930s to 1950s, the last being Yardmaster for D T & I in Delray near Detroit Michigan in the Roundhouse according to his granddaughter Laura  Anderson Bashlor.  The D. C. R. R. engine #40, a 0-8-0, generally used as a switching engine.  The Delray Connecting Railroad Company May 15, 1915 negotiated 10 miles of trackage rights from Short Cut Canal to Trenton, Michigan in order for both the D T & I and the D.C.R.R. to gain more business in Detroit.

photo from Laura Anderson Bashlor

D. C. R. R. engine #40 with Charles August Anderson and is the "boss" in the middle in suit, overcoat, and hat.

photo from Laura Anderson Bashlor

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