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The Minford Youth Rally met on December 12, 2016. There were 75 in attendance. The Faitfulness attendance banner was awarded to Twin Valley Baptist.
The banner for largest attendance was awarded to Berean Baptist.
The next rally will be held on January 16, 2017. The results from December Youth Rally are...

Primary Sword

First: Berean Baptist- Daniel Woodring, Brooke Fankell & Zach Fankell

Second: Fairview Missionary Baptist- Myles DeAtley, Elijah Crabtree, Laurianne DeAtley, Allison Crank, Della Robinson, Ty Borland & Lynnelee Gray

Third: Swauger Valley FWB- Bryson Easter, Kristen Bailey, Landon Lundy & Noah Clausing

Junior Sword

First: Swauger Valley FWB- Madi Clausing, Alyson Bailey & Malachi Bentley

Second: Fairview Missionary Baptist- Adam Crank, Dylan Brooke, Gabe Robinson & Cole Borland

Third: Twin Valley Baptist- James Gerald

Senior Sword

First: Berean Baptist: Drew Stevens, Seth Stevens, Kayla Woodring, Dallas Eldridge, Ariana Marietta, David Woodring & Abby Howard

Junior Quiz

First: Twin Valley Baptist- James Gerald

Second: Swauger Valley FWB- Alyson Bailey, Kristen Bailey, Madi Clausing, Landon Lundy, Noah Clausing, Bryson Easter & Malachi Bentley

Third: Fairview Missionary Baptist: Myles DeAtley, Laurianne DeAtley, Adam Crank, Allison Crank, Dylan Brooks, Gabe Robinson, Della Robinson, Elijah Crabtree, Cole Borland, Ty Borland & Lynnelee Gray

Senior Quiz

First: Berean Baptist- Drew Stevens, Kayla Woodring, Dallas Eldridge, Ariana Marietta, David Woodring, Seth Stevens & Abby Howard

Second: Twin Valley Baptist- Desiree Gerald

Third: Fairview Missionary Baptist- Grant Robinson & Ethan Crabtree

Youth Events Sun June 11- Thu June 15, 2017 SCD Nipgen Junior Camp Nipgen Camp

Youth Events Sun June 25 - Fri June 30, 2017 SCD Nipgen Junior High Camp Nipgen Camp

Youth Events Sun July 16 - Sat July 22, 2017 SCD Teens in Action Nipgen Camp


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