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This cleanup was done by Bobby Pfeifer and frends.  Bobby was doing this as a Boy Scout project

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The Barnett Cemetery is mainly an African American cemetery located near the Eden Baptist Church in Pike County.  The cemetery was named for the Barnett family. The Barnetts were African Americans and formerly had been slaves in Virginia. Upon gaining their freedom, the Barnetts moved to Pike County, where they became farmers. They also assisted escaped slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad.

The cemetery was used from 1849 to 1941. The first recorded burial was of Chana Huse, who was the grandmother by marriage of Madison Hemings. Hemings was a former slave of President Thomas Jefferson. A 1998 DNA study of male-line descendants of the Hemings family showed that descendants of Madison's brother, Eston, are descendants of a male member of the Jefferson family. Most historians now agree that this finding along with other historical sources suggest Thomas Jefferson was Madison's father, and was father to Sally Hemings' other children. Madison Hemings' daughter, Julia, is also buried in the cemetery, and it is speculated that Madison is buried there as well.

Henry Barnett

Martha Barnett d. 1865 wife of George

Chana Huse

Flora Williams Pritchard b. Aug. 6,  1884 d. Feb. 15,  1913
Henry Williams b. Mar. 27,  1835 d. Feb. 29,  1941

Barnett Cemetery, Pike Co. Ohio Cleanup August 2009

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 39.17440, Longitude: -83.13390