Waverly, former Oil Distributer

photo by Tyrone Hemry

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waverluinfo.net City Guide - Advertise your business

It's a proven fact --the more a customer can read about a business's product or service, the more likely they are to buy.

We offer the means to tell about your business.

We can show a business logo or picture of your business and some of your products.

We can display your business hours.

We can list your email link.

We can provide a link to your web site.

We can provide a link to your Facebook page.

We can provide a link to your Twitter link.

We can provide a link to your You Tube Ad.

We can run coupons for you. (waverlycoupons.com

We can show your menu.

We can display a brochure for you.

We may be able to display your ad in more than one category.  Maximum of 4.

Ads will be listed in the order of there purchase.

Your Ad is available to be seen 24/7


$220.00 per year. (that equals only $18.33 per month or about the cost of a postage stamp and envelope a day)

$110.00 for 6 months

$60.00 for 3 months

To arrange for your ad email us at: hladvertising@hotmail.com with your contact information.

Add any additional City Guide site for additional $80.00