Waverly Dollar Times 4 Oct 1859

 Dougherty  and Logan General Store Market & Second Streets

Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric  1978 photo

Waverly Cut-Rate Market ad 22 Mar 1945

Otto Zurborn's Ad

May 1, 1891 in The Republican

Emmitt house Barber shop and at one time James Emmitt & Wells Jones Bank

Kroger store and behind is the side view of Waverly Furniture Co. building that was owned by James Emmitt and it faced high St. This building is now the US Bank.  From there Kroger's built what was last known as Bartlys Drug Store.  That building is now for lease.

Vallery's Garage Ad

30 April 1943 Waverly Watchman

Vallery Hardware Co. Ad 2 Mar 1950

Neal Deal Building fire 24 May 1945 Republican Herald

Waverly Drive in August 5, 1959

Martin A. Clapper  4 Oct 1859 Waverly Dollar Times

Only thing was back then, it could take up to thirty minutes to get the cab warm on a winters day.

Unhappy with the inefficiency his car heater, Canadian-born Chicagoan named Harry J. McCollum invented a car heater that burned raw gasoline, the Southwind Heater.

According to AmericanHeritage.com,

"Two things made it amazing. First, it didn't blow up. Second, it made the interior of his old Chrysler toasty warm in just ninety seconds.

Here's how it worked, gasoline drawn from the carburetor float bowl by engine vacuum was piped through a thin copper tube into a firing chamber, where it was atomized and ignited by a glow plug. The resulting horizontal flame could be adjusted with a knob that controlled the fuel orifice. The flame warmed a finned oven section inside the heater, and an electric fan blew air over the oven and into the car.

Combustion gases were drawn back into the engine intake manifold, again by vacuum. Thermostats made sure that the glow plug turned off after ignition and that the fan didn't come on too soon."

O'Dell's Service Station 5 Apr 1945 Republican Herald

Weiss Recreation now Gleason's Paint and Body Shop 725 W. Emmitt Ave., Waverly

photo by Tyrone Hemry 23 Februrary 2016

Waverly, Ohio Former Business

Prior to Bartley's this was Kroger.  Bartley sold out to CVS in early 2017.  Building now for lease

photo by Tyrone Hemry 25 February 2011

A. H. Boyer Funeral Home

Waverly Cut-Rate Market ad 22 Mar 1945

former Oil Distribute

photo by Tyrone Hemry 24 September 2017

Geo. M. Downing Plumbing & Heating 305 S. Lock St. Waverly, OH

Waverly Dollar Times 4 Oct 1859

Gregg Funeral Home ad 15 March 1945

Waverly Dollar Times 4 Oct 1859

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Gehre's Planing Mill and Lumber Yards along the O & E Canal in Waverly C. 1900

Taxi that was used to haul passengers for hotel about 1900 

Dave Meyer collection

One of James Emmitts toll houses ans last was a bar.  I believe it was called the Toll House Inn

photo by Tyrone Hemry 23 April 2016

Dougherty's General Store, corner of Market & Second Sts., Later Vallery Hardware

Ph. Lorback Jr. Harness and Buggies located where the present Waverly Library is now.  The children’s parade is passing over the bridge over the Ohio and Erie Canal.  Buggy business was probably in its last days; note a couple cars in the picture.

Vallery Cold Storage and Packing Plant Waverly

Schmitts Dairy 23 Feb 1950

Otto Zurborn Jeweler box with contents shown below

George D. Rood Ad

30 April 1943 Waverly Watchman

 Waverly CAA Family Planning  1978​ 

Blacksmith Shop and is now Treber's Memorials building on Second Street Waverly

 picture curtsey of Tom & Debbie Klinger

The photo shows “Hen” barbering in the No. 1 chair, Roy McKinney in No. 2, and the shoeshine guy sitting “Horse” Campbell, ready for a customer to take his place.  1925 

Waverly Kristine's Kloset.  After closing here she moved to 201 E Emmitt Ave. and eventually to a shop in back of her home on Morning Side Drive.  She since has passed away.

photo by Tyrone Hemry 20 August 2010

Building from previous picture in about 1930s as Treber's Memorials

Joseph F. Treber started his business in 1869 in Cynthiana and moved to Waverly in 1892. Prior to Treber moving into this building it had been a blacksmith shop.  On the left is Branson Treber Sr. and on the right is Joseph Treber.  Branson Treber Sr. died in 1944. The building was added on to the back twice and probably early 50s a garage was put on the side which is now Tom Klinger's office.
                                                             picture curtsey of Tom & Debbie Klinger

Waverly Dollar Times 4 Oct 1859